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Long Nipples

The way nipples look and differ from each other has always been a controversial problem among women and also men. But why is this? Why do I have long nipples? Why are my nipples like this? That is something so many people ask to themselves, so here is an article for you to understand this issue a little bit better and also, successful ways to modify them. So, let’s start with the basic facts, as you know, no person in this world is identical or exactly the same as another person. Even families, even brothers or sisters, no one. We are all different, of course in some cases, there could be some similarities, but never the same.

So, asking yourself why are your nipples long or short is the same as asking yourself why are you this tall or short? Or why does your face look like this or that? Nipples, as any part of the body, differs from each individual, so the main point would be that there is not a perfect size of nipples, not a size for how long nipples should be, or how big or small nipples should be. Understanding this is the key and also the most important fact to also understand yourself and your body as well.

Maybe your are thinking that you have long nipples because what you saw on TV or a magazine, and that is just wrong, because as we said before, there is not a perfect size or shape, and because of that, this has no relation with beauty. Not even close. Because as your body, nipples can be perfect and beautiful on their own way, like yourself or even your personality.

But, even knowing this facts, it is also known that having for example long nipples can affect on the person’s self-esteem, so it could bring trouble when being in relations or just even wearing a bathing suit. In most of this cases, is only because of a cosmetic issue, because having long or short nipples is not going to take your health down, or cause any health problems. For those people, we have good news. Why? Because nowadays, you can shape them, make them, they way you always wanted.

Surgery. That would be the answer. This kind of surgeries are really simple if you compare it to other kinds of surgeries, and it’s getting more and more popular day by day. Women and even men are choosing this as the right choice to make. But of course if you are a women, and you are having plans on having babies and breastfeeding them, you will ask for sure if this is going to cause any trouble. At a first sight, it won’t because this is a 100% cosmetic and it shouldn’t cause any trouble for you to breastfeed. But remember to always ask and consult a professional or even the plastic surgeon before.

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